The Brief

Quite the project

This particular project turned out to be somewhat unique in its execution when compared to all the other systems we have installed. The owner of the villa in this case, purchased the materials through our partners Loxone and then brought them to our workshop to configure, test and commission.

The systems we install all use the Loxone miniserver to control literally anything you desire. The owner then transported the equipment to France where he employed a local electrician to connect it up in the requisite location, all under the guidance of ourselves. The electrician in question had never worked on any home automation system before so relied heavily on ourselves to guide him step by step through the process.

In addition, once on site the owner, for perfectly good reasons decided to change some of his requirements resulting in the need to change the configuration. All this amounted to quite a challenge for IM Electrical with the villa being almost 1000 miles away and having never being seen by us. The configuration changes were achieved by connecting to the miniserver remotely over the internet as was the testing and commissioning of the system.

The process ran very smoothly with only minor problems all of which were resolved very quickly. At the end of the first phase of the project the owner was so delighted with the results he decided to expand his system during subsequent visits, all under the guidance and support of ourselves IM Electrical.

As a result of this work our customer now benefits from being able to control and monitor many critical operations including security from back home in the UK and has also seen quite a remarkable reduction in his electricity bills from €2,700 to €1400 a year despite using the villa more!



The Loxone Miniserver enables intelligent communication between different systems and devices in the home including the heating, lighting, blinds, windows and doors, locks, cameras, music, appliances and switches.


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