When you are asleep at night, your Loxone Smart Home keeps watch by looking out for you and your family. If an intruder is detected, it will immediately alert you with a phone call or notification. It will also turn on the multiroom audio to full volume, flash the lights throughout the house and open the blinds to expose anyone inside your home that shouldn’t be there.

Full alarm functionality included

  • Devices

    You do not need any additional expensive alarm devices or equipment when we install the Loxone Smart Home system. Existing components such as motion sensors, door & window contacts, lighting and blind control are all combined to create a fully-integrated alarm system..

  • Presence simulation

    When you go on holiday, your home will behave as if you were home, at least it will that way from the outside. Your smart home will mimic your presence by controlling the blinds and lighting in the way it normally would be if you were home.



Security Features

  • Access Log

    Checking the access log will reveal when a window was opened or closed, or who has recently arrived home.

  • Panic Button

    If desired, a switch can be setup as a trigger for the alarm when it is pressed. This can cause the lights to flash, the blinds to open and a phone call to be placed to a specified number.

  • Alarm Zones

    You can set up as many alarm zones as you like in your Loxone Smart Home. Whether that be for the ground floor, summer house, or outdoor area – allowing you to activate the ground floor alarm while moving about freely upstairs at night.

  • Delayed Activation

    Your intelligent alarm system can be set to only activate after a short time. This prevents you from triggering the alarm yourself as you are leaving.

  • Preventing False Alarms

    A second motion sensor needs to pick up movement within a certain period of time after the first in order for the alarm to be triggered, as a way of preventing false alarms.

  • Easy To Use

    You can activate your alarm system at the touch of a button in your Loxone Smart Home with a quick triple-tap of a switch. When you aren’t home, the alarm will arm after a certain period of absence or you can arm it via your smartphone.

  • All In Sight

    When you aren’t at home you can check that all is in order, or specifically who is at the front door, from virtually anywhere. Watch a live feed from your video intercom or surveillance camera at any time, all via your smartphone.

  • Garage Door Alert

    Your smart home will inform you either audibly or with a notification on your smartphone, if the garage door (or perhaps a window) is still open after dark.


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