Automate your home

You probably drive a smart car, why not live in a smart home? With so many smart home solutions out there, it can be difficult to choose the right one. Here at IM Electrical, we offer a complete smart home solution that takes care of every aspect of your home.

Limitless thinking

Your imagination is the only limitation when designing your new smart home. We work with a “can do” attitude. If the device you’re wanting to control has an electrical input, we can automate it.

Your lifestyle

Our aim is to create a system that perfectly suits your way of living.

Safety and security

With individual room monitoring our system can alert you to any imminent dangers such as a an increase in temperature or flood potential.

Remote access

Control your home from anywhere in the world through a simple iOS or Android app. Turn off lights, switch on the alarm… the list is endless.

Future proofing

IM Electrical design and install systems to utilise the technology of today and tomorrow through correct cabling and installation methods.


Installing future technology in your home