The weakest points to any business are the main entrance door, roller shutter doors, side doors, windows and roof access. With the Loxone app, you can check all of these access points to see if they are closed, open or locked.

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    Any break ins will be picked up by a PIR, window sensor, door contact or whatever you have set up. This is instantly relayed to the Miniserver and you’re informed based on your individual settings. Therefore you could receive a phone call, email or text message immediately.

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    After you leave your workplace, you’ll often wonder whether you’ve shut all doors and windows. There is no need to turn around and drive all the way back to your business. Simply open the Loxone app and see If you have any doors and windows open.

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    With motion sensors set up outside your business, you can have alarms triggered when there’s a disturbance between set hours. If you know that it’s unlikely that anyone will approach the perimeter of your workplace between midnight and 6am, you can have security scenes activate. For example flashing lights, external sound etc.

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    Your alarm system can be activated by the push of a button/switch or entry of a code. But what if you close for a length of time and forget to arm it? Your business will be unprotected for the duration of your time away, won’t it? No. Again, the beauty of having so much control is that you need not be anywhere near your workplace to activate the alarm. Just use the Loxone app wherever you are to change your alarm status.

We can bring home automation to your commercial environments protecting and enhancing your businesses with as much if not more reward than in a smart home. The opportunities and potential benefits are endless in commercial premises and should be a key factor if your looking at maximising what you do.

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