Feel the beat

Wake up to your favourite song in the morning. Listen to relaxing music in the bath after a long day at work and make Fridays “Movie Night” with immersive dolby atmos cinema quality sound.

Sounds for all hours

  • 01

    With Loxone multi room audio, you can choose which rooms play the same music and have something completely different playing in others. Choose relaxing music in the lounge to unwind in the evening, while the children listen to an audiobook in their bedroom.

  • 02

    Your Loxone smart alarm is automatically linked to your Loxone music server and will play a Police siren (or any song/sound of your choice) to deter potential intruders during unauthorised access.

  • 03

    You can choose from a wide variety of sources, from your own personal music collection, through to online music services such as TuneIn, Google Play Music, Spotify, or simply stream audio straight from your smartphone with Apple AirPlay.

  • 04

    “Friday Night Movie Night” is taken to a whole new level with Loxone. Press one button and your curtains close, the lights dim, the TV turns on, the Blu-Ray switches on and the amplifier fires up your Dolby Atmos sound system creating the perfect end to the week.


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